What good is narcissism

if you don't trot it out and flog it once in a while?

Raoul Duke
17 September 1958
United States
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I'm Jeff. I live in Portland, Oregon. I am in love with the fantastically lovely sistermaryeris and we live in a house with our five children, three cats, two rats and a guinea pig.

I'm over 50, at least according to the calendar. If there's one thing I've learned in five decades, it's that I don't know as much as I thought I did. :)

If you want to be my friend, please do drop me a line at drjeff at gmail dot com.

"The art of life lies in taking pleasures as they pass, and the keenest pleasures are not intellectual, nor are they always moral."

golden time
I like to take photographs... click the pic to go to my flickr page!

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